FAQs for Audio Design

Why is my System Failing Vista Audio Logo tests?

How do I prepare verb tables that always pass logo?

How do I run the Audio Fidelity Logo tests?

How much does it cost when a system's release date slips?

HDA book

Check out High Definition Audio for the Digital Home: Proven Techniques for Getting It Right the First Time by David Roach, Scott Janus, and Wayne Jones, from Intel Press. This is the definitive guide to designing audio hardware and software for Windows* XP and Windows Vista*.

Optimal Sound - The Audio Design Expert

What is Windows Audio Device Design?designimage

Superior audio for Windows PCs is anything but a straightforward process, requiring deep knowledge in a number of otherwise unrelated areas. The complete signal path requires collaboration between motherboard designers, BIOS programmers, industrial designers, driver developers, DSP engineers, software application engineers, and system designers. Optimal Sound is the only independent provider of all that provides insight into the entire audio ecosystem.

Using a combination of APOs, filter drivers, customized INF files, and WHQL DTM Testing, we can provide complete customized logoed audio driver packages which leverage and extend the Microsoft-supplied UAA HD Audio and USB Audio class drivers. meetingimage


Use Optimal Sound to add an audio expert to your team, ensuring that your systems are easy to understand, functioning properly with Windows 7 and, of course, sounding great. Contact us for more info.